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Ceremonies by Nikki Kulin, Costa Celebrant - Wedding Ceremony Hints and Tips

Writing your Wedding Vows can seem like a daunting task! I have come up with a methodology that is tried and tested and ensures you can write memorable vows that reflect you, your relationship, your love and will engage your guests too!

Bespoke Wedding Ceremony

I ask a series of questions on my questionnaire that, once answered, mean you write your vows with ease. I also talk with you about how you feel about sharing your vows on the day itself. It is a very special and memorable moment and my advice is that, if you can, having waited to share those vows with each other on the day, say them to each other.

However, I know from experience, that for some of my couples, the thought of this is utter hell. That isn’t a problem, lots of my couples who feel this way, ask me to share the vows in the form of, ‘Do you promise ….’ to which they reply, ‘I do’. One couple actually were so nervous that they didn’t want to repeat the ring exchange words either, and that is fine too.

My role is to make sure that you feel completely happy with all elements of your ceremony.

Your ceremony is your choice. There are no rules with me as your Celebrant.

Exchange your vows and promises the way you want.


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