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Ceremonies by Nikki Kulin, Costa Celebrant - Celebrant Information

A Wedding Celebrant is a person who helps you celebrate your love and create something truly special for your Ceremony. The UK is one of the only countries where the ‘registration’ of your marriage has been traditionally carried out alongside the confines of a restrictive script!

Why have a standard ceremony when you can have a bespoke ceremony written for you?

I am a trained professional and creative who loves to write your story.

Bespoke handwritten ceremonies in your chosen location to celebrate your story.

With me as a Celebrant, there are no rules.

Celebrants change that thinking by separating the ‘registration’ and saying of statutory wording, by the writing and conducting a Ceremony which is unique to you.

Beware however, that there are also Celebrants who only work from a ‘sample’ or template script. They change your name, and then conduct your Ceremony.

I am not that person. My fellow professional Celebrants and I have been trained to write individual ceremonies

Traditional or not? Religious or not? Spiritual or not?

With me as your Celebrant, there are no rules!

I am a writer and love the creativity of writing each and every individual ceremony script.

I take great pride in getting to know you as a couple, finding out about your love story and creating a connection between us which helps me to write and create a truly unique ceremony for you. By the time I perform your ceremony, we will feel like old friends and that also reflects on the day itself.

There will be no other ceremony like it, it is truly individual and my aim is that your guests will be speaking about it and saying things like, ‘I’ve never been to a ceremony like that before’. Memories which are truly precious.

My job is not as easy as you might imagine and is so much more than speaking for 30-40 minutes on your wedding day. I love getting to know you, to hear your story and guide you spiritually / emotionally / physically / psychologically through one of the most publically emotional moments of your life.

If this sounds like it is for you, then it is so, so important to choose a Wedding Celebrant who can really celebrate the depth and breadth of the your story, your awesomeness and your unique relationship.

Let me help make your ceremony the true centre of your day, the beginning of wonderful celebrations with your family and friends


A celebration of you.


Every time.


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