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Ceremonies by Nikki Kulin, Costa Celebrant - Celebrant Information

The couples I work with go to the Register Office office to be legally wed before or after their Wedding Ceremony with me.

The signing of the legal paperwork, a standard Register Office ceremony, is typically 6 minutes long and involves you saying the legal wording and signing a marriage certificate with two witnesses present – it’s the paperwork that makes it legal, not the ceremony.

Traditionally we exchange rings during a wedding ceremony. I have many other suggestions if you choose not to.

This means that you are then free to have a bespoke Celebrant-led wedding ceremony in the venue of your choosing.

The beauty of a celebrant-led wedding is that there are no rules – traditional or not, spiritual or not, religious or not – you are free to celebrate your unique love story in the way that you want to do so.

I work closely with my couples, I want to know your story, what your interests are, the ‘how you met’ story, when the proposal happened. Every element is handwritten, working closely with you, I find quotes to suit your relationship, I suggest elements to add an extra level of personalisation.

If your guests tell me that they have never been to a ceremony like it before, they won’t have, it has been especially written for you and will create lasting memories. Why settle for an ‘off-the-shelf’ ceremony, when you can have a bespoke ceremony?


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