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Ceremonies by Nikki Kulin, Costa Celebrant - Wedding ceremony rituals: bespoke rituals created for you.

Hugely popular with my couples, is a Ring Warming. Designed to include your guests from the outset, I seat everyone a couple of minutes earlier than normal and instruct them that the rings will be passed between them in order that they can imbue them with a special wish or blessing for your marriage.

Include your guests from the outset and have them hold your rings and imbue them with a wish for your marriage.

It can be a really lovely way to include everyone from the outset and I later refer to the rings holding their wishes when you come to exchange them

A very important job as a ring bearer!

Another way is to include your small guests as Ring Security putting them in charge of ensuring that the rings pass through your guests.

Your rings will hold the wishes of all your guests when you exchange them.

There are a fabulous number of possible ways to hold the rings whilst they pass between your guests including: shells, small ring boxes, ribbons, cushions and so on. More suggestions can be found on my Pinterest page


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