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Ceremonies by Nikki Kulin, Costa Celebrant - Wedding ceremony rituals: bespoke rituals created for you.

This is the perfect ritual to include if you share a love of wine! Perhaps there is a story to tell about your meeting, proposal or other significant event – perhaps the proposal in a vineyard?

Enjoy your first toast as husband and wife.

A wine ceremony ritual can be a lovely addition to your ceremony. Historically, in many cultures and traditions, the sharing of the wine has been used as a universal and central moment of sharing.

Love wine? Enjoy your first toast as husband and wife!

Wine, sometimes thought of as symbolic of life, with its sweet flavours of love, joy, wonder and contentment and bitter elements of pain and sadness. It has been called the symbol of life, like blood flowing within our bodies.

In a moment of sharing, the two of you become one, the parts become whole, two paths intertwined, each separate, yet united in love.

A wine ritual symbolises two individuals coming together to share one life and one love. A moment of using a loving cup for miracles and filling it with forgiveness, understanding and appreciation.

Met drinking mojito cocktails? I created a bespoke ritual for this lovely couple likening each ingredient to their relationship.

What about a Mojito ceremony or your favourite tipple? I can design a ritual around that and based around your own story.


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