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Ceremonies by Nikki Kulin, Costa Celebrant - Wedding ceremony rituals: bespoke rituals created for you.

Without doubt, one of my most popular rituals, a handfasting ritual is believed to originate from old Pagan custom dating back to the ancient Celts. In ceremonies today, it is used as a ritual to bind a couples hands together during their ceremony and can be carried out either before, during or after reciting wedding vows. It is often used to symbolise connection and devotion to one another.

This ancient tradition is a lovely addition to your bespoke wedding ceremony.

Each bespoke handfasting I have written is unique and can also be a way to include children or extended family members. I love that each one is written and created entirely to suit your particular relationship.

It is highly symbolic of the bond is already shared and the tie of commitment which you make to one another during the ceremony. The fastening of hands is steeped in tradition and magical meaning and it is believed that it is where the saying ‘tying the knot’ originates from.

The perfect addition to your bespoke wedding ceremony

If you choose this ritual, I will send you a list of colours and their meanings. You could choose from a wide range of beautiful ribbons and fastenings and the colour choices are made to suit each individual circumstance. Perhaps to suit your wedding colour theme, maybe you have children you wish to include in the ceremony and they could choose their colour, maybe you have parents or step parents you would like to give a special role to. Within your bespoke ceremony – the choice is always yours.

There are no ‘compulsory’ elements, because each ceremony I write is all unique and written especially for you


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