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Ceremonies by Nikki Kulin, Costa Celebrant - Real Life Wedding Ceremonies

I I first met Cami & Gabe when they contacted me approximately 10 weeks before the wedding, a relatively short amount of time in advance.

They knew exactly what style they wanted and our first meeting, in the mountain village of Competa, was over 3 hours long.

We just hit it off – always a great sign especially when the wedding isn’t very far away! The drive up to Competa is a hairy one with kilometre after kilometre of mountain road – quite a lot of it without barriers, but I am used to it (or certainly more so than I ever have been before!).

Gabe & Camilla met on the 333 Bus near Bondi Beach in Sydney. It was love at first sight. Camilla was newly arrived in Oz and Gabe, never normally a bus user, was just a few days back from a trip to Chile. This link to their lucky, magic number 3 reoccurs throughout their connection. They both share the Life Path number of 5; they are adventurers, twin flames; free spirits who seek adventure, freedom and variety from life. They share a passion for travel and exploration. Their lives are a voyage with total freedom prevailing their lives.

Having Spanish heritage; Gabe’s grandmother was born in Malaga, and Camilla having English heritage, their base for European exploration – in Spain – was the perfect place to bring the family together for their wedding ceremony.

Their guests were far flung and came from all corners of the globe including: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, England, Wales, Chile and New Caledonia.

As free spirits and having a passion for astrology and numerology, this was a fabulous place to start. The link to the ocean was key and inspired me to sit on the beach to write their blessings and ceremony. We had several lovely long meetings in the lead up to the wedding and Cami had written a beautiful lexigram poem made entirely from the letters of she and Gabe’s names which her sister, one of her bridesmaids, read.

I took inspiration for writing the ceremony from the wise words of Linda Goodman about their shared star sign of Pisces and also lots of research into their Life Path & Magic numbers.

The ceremony was scheduled to take place at the stunning La Restinga Beach close to the Torrox, Nerja border. They have their own private beach and it really is the most fabulous beach side location. Normally our wonderful climate of 320 days of sun per annum is the best climate in Europe. Well, Mother Nature, had another plan and, for the first time in over 4 months, torrential rain and thunderstorms were the order of the day. A weather phenomenon know as ‘Gota Fria’ where the sea and land temperatures conflict.

Thee restaurant staff were amazing in putting Plan B into operation. The restaurant was transformed into a ceremony space with windows open to the sound of the ocean. Nothing dampened the spirits of the couple, though and they took it all in their stride.

The wedding ceremony itself was full of love, passion and completely reflected them as a couple. Camilla & Gabe had both written beautiful personal vows which neither had seen before the day itself. The guests were full of praise and commented how personal and perfect it was.

Camilla & Gabe said:

Nikki is such a beautiful, caring and personal celebrant, we could not imagine sharing and being guided on our Wedding Day by anybody else! Nikki truly is the perfect celebrant, her guidance and help was invaluable, she clearly loves what she does, and this is expressed in her genuine work which is FULL of love. The time she spent making sure our ceremony was personalised and detailed to completely suit us, is incredible. Her work is beautiful and heartfelt, and we could feel that every word had been dedicated personally to US. Thank you, Nikki, for the Magic you added our day xx

Location: La Restinga Beach, Torrox

Flowers: Bouquets, Torrox

Celebrant: Nikki Kulin


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