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What do you charge as a Wedding Celebrant ?

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

I am often asked how much I charge for being a Wedding Celebrant. Almost as much as I'm asked, 'what is a Celebrant?'!

Weddings are very expensive however you decide to do them, and so it is important that you feel that you get value for money.

Paying for a Wedding Celebrant can seem expensive and I truly see why you might think so hence writing this blog as a myth buster. To explain what you get when you have me as your Celebrant.

The first thing I must say is that I'm not just 'any' Celebrant. I'm not a Celebrant who has a couple of 'sample' scripts and who changes the names, adds a couple of readings and arrives at your venue to conduct the ceremony.

If a couple asks me to send a sample, my response is always that there is no such thing. It just isn't the way I work.

For me, the pleasure, the enjoyment and why I love doing what I do is that, the more I get to know you, the more special and individual your ceremony will be.

What you are paying for is not just me turning up and saying a few words for half an hour.

So, why is a Wedding Celebrant ‘so expensive’?

Your guests will only meet me on the day (unless they contact me before to arrange special surprises - which happens regularly!).

What they will notice is how we know each other already - I always say we are like old friends by the wedding day. And we are. You will feel relaxed and comfortable with me.

They will notice the completely personal and bespoke ceremony - handwritten especially for you. Unique and special. All about you as a couple. A true celebration of your love.

They will say how much it reflects you as a couple, how it's filled with all the elements you want, how it's all about your personalities.

They will laugh and have tears of both happiness and sentiment.

They will be talking about it afterwards (see my testimonials for more from my couples).

Behind the scenes and, during the months leading up to the wedding, there are lots of things they won't have seen though.

They won't have seen our video calls or long meetings we've had. Whenever you come to Spain or unlimited video calls. During those meetings, we will have shared stories and I will have spent time getting to know you as a couple.

They won't know that we have had a WhatsApp group from the moment you book me where we can share ideas - you can ping me things you like and vice versa when I see something that suits you.

After our meetings and video calls - ideas will be twirling around in my head. Ideas will spark and I will begin crafting your ceremony in my head.

After those calls - ideas will be twirling around in my head. Ideas will spark and I will begin crafting your ceremony in my head - ideas will be twirling around in my head.

They won't have seen the questionnaires you complete for me which are there to trigger the stories which make your ceremony unique. Which tell me such a lot about you and your love story.

They won't have seen me deep in thought and research in drafting and redrafting your ceremony script. Writing blessings and small poems especially for you.

They won't have seen all the correspondence between us both in emails, texts, video calls and phone calls. You can ask me questions at any time, ping me something to the WhatsApp group or tell me about a friend or relative who would like to be included. Every detail of which I use to help me create your ceremony.

They won't have known that I am available all the way through to the day before if the Groom gets the collywobbles and wants to talk though his vows. Or on the morning of the wedding when the Bride realises she has forgotten to include her step daughter and wants me to write words for her to say. Or wants me to pop past a shop and pick up some last minute item.

They won't have seen your faces when you read your draft ceremony script for the first time. (I wait with baited breath at this point!)

They won't have been party to the rehearsal or video call choreography walk through making sure everyone involved knows where to stand, and the part they will play.

They may see me arriving more than an hour before the ceremony ready to calm the bride or groom, liaising with all the other suppliers, making sure the PA system works so everyone can hear, and calming last minute wedding party nerves.

They might not realise that whatever the reason that the ceremony started a little late wasn't a problem because I, as your Celebrant, wasn’t rushing off to do another wedding. The whole day is reserved for you.

They will notice that you are relaxed and confident with me because you know me and trust me completely. You know what I am going to say, and you will love sharing it with your guests.

You will also know that I am a fully trained professional who puts a huge amount of effort, love and passion into making your ceremony truly magical, special and a memory that will last a lifetime.

Your Ceremony should be at the very heart of your day. My advice is that every penny is worth it... Don't make it an afterthought.

Comparing an 'off the shelf' ceremony and a truly unique one is like chalk and cheese. An investment in your day.

Going back to my opening - weddings are expensive. Make sure you consider the value of your investment.

I would be delighted to chat about helping to create your personal ceremony.

I am a fully trained professional Wedding & Family Celebrant. Member of the Fellowship of Professional Celebrants

Tel: 0771 406 8929 Email: costacelebrant@gmail.com Web: www.costacelebrant.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/costacelebrant Instagram: www.instagram.com/costacelebrant

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