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Top tips: How to choose readers for your wedding.

Using a Celebrant means you have the ceremony you want, designed around you and there are many decisions to make.

I work closely with my couples to discuss all the options available and some which are just wholly unique to them. It is a 'construction' - we start by sharing ideas, bouncing them around and it all comes together over a period of time.

One of the things that my couples always have to think about is how to choose people to read.

Maybe it could be giving family or friends a special part to play. Maybe it is a reading received from someone who can't be there but could be read by someone else. Maybe it is one of your smaller guests who wants to play a role. The possibilities are endless!

First thing to think about is whether that person feels comfortable reading. Perhaps they would they like to write something to read?

Do you want to choose what they read or hand the decision over to them?

Jen & Robert's Aunt had written a fabulous poem, Pam Ayres style, which was absolutely brilliant and had all the guests and bride and groom laughing.

This year Theresa & Paul's bridesmaid, Terri, has written a beautiful poem which will be read as a surprise.

If you put 'wedding readings' into Google, there are literally thousands of possibilities.

On my wedding blog at: www.costacelebrant.com/blog-1 you will find many possibilities in lots of categories from alternative wedding readings, traditional, funny etc.

They are just suggestions, however, the choice is absolutely yours.

Just one of the wonderful decisions that mean your wedding Blessing ceremony is truly unique, personal, bespoke and yours!

My goal is always for your guests to leave having felt a roller-coaster of emotions - laughter, sentiment, your love and, to tell you that they have never been to a wedding Blessing like yours.

The reason is that they won't have! It will be totally unique to you.

Nikki is an independent Wedding Celebrant based on the beautiful Costa Del Sol.

She specialises in handwritten and unique ceremonies and has built a reputation on going the extra mile. Regional Finalist in the 2019 Wedding Industry Awards and Gold Certificate of Excellence on Bridebook.


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