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Supporting LGBTQ homeless youth on behalf of the Fellowship of Professional Celebrants

Updated: Apr 5, 2019

Helping the homeless of the LGBT community

A charitable donation by the Fellowship of Professional Celebrants

I was honoured to represent the Fellowship of Professional Celebrants, alongside fellow Celebrant, Michelle Taylor at The Albert Kennedy Trust this morning.

Chosen as the Fellowship’s charity for 2018, this amazing organisation was founded in Manchester in 1989 by Cath Hall, an experienced foster carer, who had become aware of the rejection and ejection of young LGBTQ people from their family homes and the homophobia they faced within school and society. The charity aims to provide a safe space for homeless LGBTQ young people where they can meet good role models and as a service for LGBTQ youth. It provides safe homes, mentoring, training and advocacy to support young people living either in a hostile environment or homeless.

It now has centres in London, the North West and North East and was responsible for the launch of the No Room for Hate campaign which continues to run today. Today they run a Youth Engagement Programme to give a voice to the youth, build community and social connection and provide young people with access to their housing support service. They also support young people to find employment opportunities.

The £3,000 donation from the Fellowship will be used to fund 3 ‘Rainbow Packages’ – setting up 3 young people in their first independent home with furniture and things they need. Such an amazing organisation doing such great things. I feel very humbled.




organisation at:Find out more about this amazing organisation at:

The Anthony Kennedy Trust www.akt.org.uk

Fellowship of Professional Celebrants www.professionalcelebrants.org.uk

Nikki, Costa Celebrant www.costacelebrant.com

Michelle Taylor


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