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Is a Celebrant ceremony a real wedding?

Updated: Mar 28, 2019

A question I hear frequently ..

But is a Celebrant wedding a real wedding?

You bet!! It absolutely is! 100% a real wedding - one designed around you.

Don't confuse the registration of your marriage with the ceremony itself.

Not only will this be a real wedding, it will be completely perfect. Why? This one has been designed to be yours and there will be no other like it.

Each and every wedding I write is unique, just as every couple, their relationship, and their love story, is unique.

The wedding ceremony I write for you is a true celebration of your marriage. It is an opportunity to share this most important of moments with those you love and care about.

It is a day to create happy memories which will last forever.

So why settle for off the shelf and have it the same as anyone else's?

For testimonials, take a look at my website www.costacelebrant.com For real ceremony stories have a look at my blog at www.costacelebrant.com/blog-1


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