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Wedding Ceremony: including a Wine Ceremony.

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

Do you share a love of wine? Is there a story to tell about your connection - was the proposal in a vineyard for instance?

A wine ceremony can be a lovely addition to your ceremony. Throughout history, in nearly all cultures and traditions, the sharing of the cup of wine has been used as a universal and central moment of sharing.

Wine is often thought of as symbolic of life with its sweet flavours of love, joy, wonder and contentment and bitter elements of pain and sadness. It has been called the symbol of life, like blood flowing within our bodies.

By sharing this gesture, the two of you become one, the parts become whole, two paths intertwined, each separate, yet united in love.

It symbolises two people coming together to share one life, one love. Using a loving cup for miracles. Filling it with forgiveness, understanding and appreciation.

Does a wine ceremony resonate with you? I look forward to speaking to you more about adding a ritual.

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