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Wedding Ceremony : including a Rose Ceremony

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

I first conducted a Rose Ceremony at Susanne & Jacob's ceremony. Being Danish, all the things which we consider to be part of a traditional ceremony in the UK, were not de rigeur! No ring exchange, no vows, no readings ....

Hence, having established that Susanne's favourite book was The Little Prince, I read the passage where the fox talks about nurturing his rose garden and how, like a relationship, the more you put into it, the stronger it becomes. This lead beautifully to a rose ceremony. During Mary & Mike's ceremony, they had decided that they would like a rose ceremony as Mike had proposed in rose petals. It was a beautiful addition and which lead beautifully on from the poem 'Love is a Beautiful Thing'.

Each and every ceremony I write is unique and based on getting to know you, your story and what you want from your ceremony.

In the past, the rose was considered a symbol of love and a single rose always meant only one thing, it meant the words, ‘I love you’. So, it is appropriate that for a first gift as husband and wife, that gift would be a single rose.

In exchanging that first gift it does, in some ways, seem as if you have not done anything at all. Just a moment ago, you were holding one small rose and then you were holding one small rose. In some ways, a marriage ceremony is like this. In some ways, tomorrow is going to seem no different than yesterday. But in fact, today, just now, both of you will have given and received one of the most valuable and precious gifts of life – one it is hoped you will always remember – the gift of true and abiding love within the devotion of marriage.

It is hugely symbolic and can remain a symbol of your marriage. Maybe the Rose Ceremony could be appropriate for you?

I look forward to talking through all the possible ritual options including those created especially for you - in recent weeks - a mojito ceremony for instance!

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