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Ceremonies by Nikki Kulin, Costa Celebrant - Funerals and End-of-Life Ceremonies

I am a trained, professional Funeral Celebrant offering a bespoke service whether that be for your gentle goodbye or a fantastic farewell. An end-of-life ceremony offers you an opportunity to acknowledge your loss and say goodbye

I realise how hard it can be to find the words to say your goodbyes or to honour and celebrate a life cut short or well-lived.

Memorialise your loved one

The first funeral ‘Celebration of Life’ I conducted was that of my Father – the hardest thing I have ever had to do.

I work closely with the family to create a personal memorial service.

I work with bereaved families to guide and help them through one of life’s hardest moments, helping to create heart-felt farewells and beautiful memorial celebrations.

I work closely with the family to create a personal memorial service.

With natural empathy, I have a wealth of experience in helping families tell the story of their loved one’s life which is often the first stage in coming to terms with loss and grief.

Please get in touch, I will be honoured to help you.

You made an awful day so much better for us all.

We were in particular delighted with how attentive you clearly were when talking to my Mum and brother about Jim’s life; you spoke our words beautifully yet didn’t make out as if you knew him personally (which is a pet hate of mine at funerals when the person leading the ceremony speaks as though they were best friends with the departed but actually never knew them at all) but explained that this was your impression of him from what they told you… also the cricket poem you read was an absolutely inspired choice.

It was a pleasure to meet you, albeit not under the circumstances I would have liked. You were a very calming and soothing presence for us all.

Thank you, Nikki.


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