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Rose Ceremony

Exchange your first gift as husband and wife with this special ritual which is written especially for you.

Wine Ceremony.jpg

Wine Ceremony

Throughout history, in many cultures and traditions, the sharing of a cup of wine as a universal and central moment of sharing.


Las Arras

Add a Spanish touch to your ceremony.  The traditional exchange of 13 coins between man and wife adds a special touch.



This centuries old tradition used as a betrothal and promise to each other.  It is where 'tying the knot' originated.  We can incorporate this into your ceremony using colours which arevspecial to you as a couple.


Ring Warming

The opportunity for your guests to give your imbue your rings with blessings and wishes for your wedding.

Traditionally carried out before the ceremony begins or during the early part, by the time you exchange them, you will feel their wishes.

sand ceremony.jpg

Sand Ceremony

Blending of sand is popular and contemporary. 


Blend sand together on top of the foundation of your love. 


Merge your lives and create a beautiful work of art.

These are just some suggestions but I can help you create a truly personal ritual to suit you.